The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

GIS Analysis of Land Cover Changes on the Territory of the Prokuplje Municipality

Table 5

The percentage and area of types of land on territory of Prokuplje Municipality in m2 in 2012.

Agroforestry areas10.9%82654000 m2
Annual crops associated with permanent crops 17.6%133461000 m2
Broad leaved forest 21.5%163035000 m2
Coniferous forest1.5%11375000 m2
Constructions sites land 0.3%2275000 m2
Land principally occupied by agriculture 28%212324000 m2
Mixed forest 2.1%15924000 m2
Natural grassland 10.4%78863000 m2
Sparsely vegetated area 5.2%39432000 m2
Vineyards 0.3%2275000 m2
Road and rail networks with associated land0.7%5308000 m2
River Toplica0.2%1516000 m2
Water Bodies, Lakes 0.3%2275000 m2
Urban areas1%7583000 m2

Total Sum 100%758300000 m2