The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Effects of Urbanization Expansion on Landscape Pattern and Region Ecological Risk in Chinese Coastal City: A Case Study of Yantai City

Table 1

Description of landscape pattern metrics.

IndexEquationEcological significance

Largest Patch Index (LPI) (i)To indicate ratio of the largest patch area to total landscape area
Fractal Dimension Index (FD) (ii)To reflect the complexity of self-similarity of a patch
Shannon’s Diversity Index (SHDI) (iii)To reflect landscape heterogeneity
Shannon’s Evenness Index (SHEI) (iv)To indicate even degree of different landscape types
Dominance Index (Dominance) (v)To what extent several principal landscape types control whole landscape
Contagion Index (CONTAG) (vi)To express the agglomeration degree among different landscape types

patch type; : number of patch; : the total area; : the area of patch ; : patch perimeter; : a constant, as to grid map, equals to 4; : contiguity number among patch and patch ; : the area ratio of class ; : quantity of region landscape types.