Table 1: Characteristics of marrow-derived stem cell subpopulations in murine models.

SubpopulationSizePhenotypeMarrow-derived epithelial cells in the lungReference

ELH1<5  mLinYes[26]
LSK2NDLin, Sca-1+, Kit+No[45]
MAPCs38–10  mFlk-1+, Sca-1+, Thy-1+, CD13+, SSEA-1+Yes[53]
SSEA-14Lin, CD45, CD31+, Sca-1+, CD105+, CD73+, CD44+, vimentin+ND[127]
VSELs52–4   mLin, Sca-1+, CD45, SSEA-1+, Oct-4+, Nanog+Yes[125]
Ccsp65–10  mCD45+, CD34+, CD73+, CD90+, CD105+Yes[119]
R1/R2 CFTR7NDLin, Sca-1+, CFTR+ND[128]

Elutriation (E), lineage depletion (L), ability to home (H) to the BM; 2Lineage-negative (L), Sca+ (S), Kit+ (K); 3Multipotent adult progenitor cells; 4Stage-specific embryonic antigen 1; 5Very small, embryonic-like cells; 6Clara cell secretory protein; 7Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator. ND: not determined.