Table 3: Growth condition of microorganisms involved in ethanol fermentation.

Name of microorganisms
Carbon source
Nitrogen source
Growth temperature 
pHShaking rate (rpm)Time (h)Reference

S. cerevisiae CICC 1308Glucose or sucrose (50.0)Peptone (5.0)305.015048[104]
S. diastaticus Y2416 Maltose (3.0) and glucose (20.0)Yeast extract (5.0), peptone (5.0)306.0[123]
K. marxianus DMKU 3-1042Sugar (50.0–80.0)Ammonium sulfate (0.5)354.517072[59]
P. kudriavzevii DMKU 3-ET15Glucose (20.0)Peptone (20.0)406.515048[124]
Z. mobilis Glucose (10.0) and sucrose (30.0)Yeast extract (5.0)306.5Static18[3]
Z. mobilis ATCC 10988 Glucose (20.0)Ammonium sulfate (1.0)306.010024–48[125]
E. coli KO11 and
K. oxytoca P2
Sucrose (20.0)Ammonium sulfate (2.0)3010024[61]