The Scientific World Journal / 2015 / Article / Fig 1

Research Article

The Alpaca Melanocortin 1 Receptor: Gene Mutations, Transcripts, and Relative Levels of Expression in Ventral Skin Biopsies

Figure 1

5UTR and 3UTR nucleotide sequences of MC1R transcripts. The two different 5UTR nucleotide sequences (transcripts F1 and F2) and the common 3UTR of MC1R transcripts are presented separately under the appropriate headings. The predicted TOP regulatory motifs and IRES in 5UTR are indicated in black bold letters and box, respectively. The uORF start codons (atg) in the 5UTR sequences are underlined and named immediately and the various uORFs and STOP codons sharing the same frames are colored identically. In all transcripts the main ORF is indicated in uppercase and bold letters. The miRNA seed sites in the 3UTR are underlined and colored identically. The poly-A signaling sequence (aataaa) is in bold and green colored and the poly-A tail sequence is in bold in the 3UTR sequence.