Corrigendum to “Fuel Cells: A Real Option for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Propulsion”

Table 2

Examples of PEM fuel cells for UAV applications. Specifications from manufacturers’ websites and [].

Fuel typeManufacturer/modelFC weight (kg)FC power (W)FC power density (W/kg)Application/remarks

Chemical hydride cartridgeHorizon Energy Systems/AEROPAK0.470200425.53IAI Bird Eye 650 LE UAV 
10 A-21 V nominal 600 W with LiPo batteries; cartridge type I: 446 Wh/kg; type II: 607 Wh/kg Also used in Bluebird Boomerang Mini-UAV and Elbit Skylark UAV

Sodium borohydrideProtonex/UAV C-2501.2250208.33500 W peak power with batteries
Fuel 833 Wh/kg hydrated
Cartridge 1.8 kg, 1.5 l

Compressed H2Protonex/Spider Lion UAV (NRL)1.779553.67Spider Lion Micro-UAV 2005, 3-hour flight

Compressed H2Protonex/Ion Tiger UAV (NRL)1550550Ion Tiger UAV; 550 W FC (1 kg + 3.6 kg tank 0.5 kg H2), 26 h 1 m flight record in 2009
Powerplant total weight (including fuel and cooling) = 6 kg. Specific energy 1300 Wh/kg; 26 h endurance

Compressed H2EnergyOr/EO-310-XLE3.9531078.48Radiant Coral Technologies demonstrator UAV 1st flight February 25, 2013  
Hybrid; the weight includes auxiliary systems

Compressed H2EnergyOr/EO-210-XLE3.6525068.49The weight includes auxiliary systems

Compressed H2DLR/HyFish UAV31000333.33HyFish UAV 2007, 0.5-hour flight

Compressed H2UTRC/Gen11.781200674.16Helicopter UAV (October 11, 2009) FC (675 W/kg) Powerplant (500 W/kg) Minicopter Maxi Joker; 20 m flight

Compressed H2BCS/BCS5006.3550078.74Georgia Tech University UAV 2006 Powerplant weight 12 kg

Compressed H2Horizon Energy Systems/H-1001.3610073.53Johannesburg University Piper Cub UAV

Sodium borohydrideProtonex/ProCore VI0.408280686.27AeroVironment Puma UAV 2008 Endurance 9 h

Compressed H2Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies5650130Pterosaur Micro-UAV 2008. Oklahoma State and California State Universities 15.5 h endurance; FC 480 Wh/kg

Liquid H2NASA/Sensor Technology/AeroVironmentAeroVironment Global Observer (GO-1); 65,000 ft alt., 7-day endurance; PL 180 kg