Research Article

The Effects of Tempol on Cyclophosphamide-Induced Oxidative Stress in Rat Micturition Reflexes

Figure 5

Summary histograms of the effects of Tempol (1 mM) on intercontraction interval (ICI; s), bladder capacity (BC; μL), and void volume (VV; mL) in CYP-treated (4 hr; 48 hr) rats. Tempol in the drinking water significantly () increased ICI (a), VV (b), and BC (c) in CYP-treated (4 hr and 48 hr) rats. Tempol was without effect in control (no CYP treatment) rats. compared to control + vehicle (between-group difference); compared to 4 hr or 48 hr CYP + vehicle (within-group difference). Sample sizes are in control and treatment groups.