Table 2: Blood and material parameters used in the SA-MDT system.


Applied field properties
 MagnitudeT0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1
 Angle of field direction/2
Physical properties
 Boltzmann’s constantJ/K1.38 × 1023
 Permeability of vacuumTm/A
MDCPs properties
 Polymer materialP(S/V-COOH)Mag
 MDCP concentrationParticle/L4 × 1010
 Density of the polymer materialkg/m3950
 Initial distance between MDCPsμm29.24
 Saturation magnetizationkA/m22.4
Stent properties
 MaterialSS 430
 Wire radiusμm62.5
 Loop separationcm0.2
 Number of loops10
 Coil lengthcm2
 Saturation magnetizationkA/m1261
 Magnetic susceptibility1000
Blood and vessel properties
 Velocitycm/s0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5
 Viscositykg/ms1.0 × 10−3
 Vessel radiuscm0.05
Magnetic material properties
 MaterialOleate-capped Fe3O4
 Weight contentwt%100
 Magnetic momentAm2
 Saturation magnetizationkA/mSee Table 1
 DiameternmSee Table 1