Research Article

Mental Health of Elementary Schoolteachers in Southern Brazil: Working Conditions and Health Consequences

Table 1

Demographic and occupational characteristics.


Age (years)

Marital status

Highest educational level attained
 Secondary school410.8
 Higher education, incomplete25.4
 Higher education718.9
 Postgraduation, incomplete718.9

Skin color/ethnic background

How many schools do you work at?
 Three 22.6

Time working at the school
 <1 year38.1
 1–5 years1027.0
 5–10 years513.5
 >10 years1951.4

Time working as a teacher
 <1 years12.8
 1–5 years616.7
 5–10 years616.7
 >10 years2363.9

Hours spent with students per week
 <10 hours513.5
 10–20 hours821.6
 20–30 hours38.1
 30–40 hours1437.8
 >40 hours38.1

Monthly income
 Up to U.S. $41925.7
 U.S. $419–U.S. $8382365.7
 U.S. $838–U.S. $1.0471028.6

Numbers for each item may be less than the total numbers because of missing values.