Table 3: Catharanthus roseus series.


CarpetHeight: 3-4 inches (7.6–10.2 cm), width: 24 in (60 cm), dwarf, great for groundcovers, blooms all summer.

CobraHeight: 6–12 in (15–30 cm); spacing: 6–9 in (15–22 cm), flower size: 5-6 cm, compact, drought-tolerant, suitable for xeriscaping and growing in container.

CoolerHeight: 10–14 in (30–35 cm), spread: 15–20 cm, low growing compact plants, more tolerant of cool, wet conditions, vibrant colors.

CoraHeight: 14–16 in (35–40 cm), width 22–25 in (55–62 cm), large bold bright flowers, first series to be resistant to the “sudden death,” bloom early, heat tolerant, Disease-resistant to the fungus (Phytophthora) causing aerial blight.

Heat WaveHeight: 14–20 inches, remarkable tolerance to heat and drought, blooms early, suitable for containers or hanging baskets.

First KissHeight: 10–14 in (28 cm), compact, large-flowered (flower size: 6 cm) and very heavy blooming.

JaioCompact, vigorous, heat and drought tolerant, disease-resistant.

LittleHeight: 10 to 14 in, best used in small patio planters and decorative pots.

MediterraneanGrows 5-6 inches tall, cascading habit, fairly vigorous, excellent heat and drought tolerance, performs well in very warm conditions, many color combinations, good for use in hanging baskets or window boxes.

NirvanaUpright and cascading types, resistant to the fungus causing aerial blight.

PacificaHeight: 14–20 in (35–50 cm), spread 15–20 cm, open-pollinated group, blooms early, 2-inch flowers with overlapping petals, heat and humidity tolerant, more stress tolerant on the bench and in the garden, very floriferous.

PrettyHeight: 12 inches (30.5 cm), compact, multiflowered plants.

SolarHeat and humidity tolerant, ideal for early sowings, early flowering, perfect for packs and pots, better disease tolerant.

StardustHeight: 25–30 cm, compact, many flowered, blooms have a star-shaped, solid white center and bright petal border.

SunstormLarge-flowered, compact and tolerant of both hot and cool growing conditions.

TitanHeight: up to 16 in (35–40 cm), spread 10–12 in (25–30 cm), bushy growing habit, vigorous, more disease-resistant than other Vinca series, cool and drought tolerant, earlier flowering, has neat mounding habits, large-flowered, flowers profusely, highest seed quality.

TropicanaHeight 14–20 in, fast-growing, blooms early, large rounded flowers, heat and humidity tolerant.

Tutti FruttiLarge-flowered, heat and drought tolerant.

VictoryHeight: 25–35 cm, spread 15–20 cm, intense, clear colors, compact growing habit, disease tolerance, low and early basal branching, formed large round flowers with overlapping petals.

ViperHeight: 20–50 cm, F1 Viper is the king of Vinca-vigorous, large mounded plant covered in massive flowers.

VitesseHeight: 32–35 cm, compact with basal branching, ideal for early planting.