Research Article

Body Condition Scores and Evaluation of Feeding Habits of Dogs and Cats at a Low Cost Veterinary Clinic and a General Practice

Table 3

Summary of cat demographic information from 86 cats enrolled from two veterinary clinics (absolute number or mean ± SD). Only breeds reported more than 5 times were included in the table.

VariableGeneral practiceLow cost clinic value

Age (yrs)0.022
 Male16 (15 castrated) 19 (10 castrated)
 Female25 (24 spayed) 23 (18 spayed)
Body weight (kg)0.267
Body condition score0.023
Percent overweight27/41 (66%)19/43 (44%)0.046

The scale is a 1–9 scale; DSH/DLH: domestic shorthair/domestic longhair.