Research Article

Hepatitis B and C Viral Infection: Prevalence, Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, and Occupational Exposure among Healthcare Workers of Jimma University Medical Center, Southwest Ethiopia

Table 8

Occupational exposure of healthcare workers of JUMC, 11 Nov 2015 to 09 Jan 2016.

Type of exposureNumberPercent

Have you ever had a needle stick injury?Yes9943
Don’t remember52.2

Have you faced a needle stick injury within the last one year?Yes5624.3
Don’t remember52.2

Have you ever had sharp injury other than needle stick?Yes8838.3
Don’t remember125.2

Have you faced a sharp injury within the last one year?Yes5122.2
Don’t remember177.4

Have you ever had blood or body fluid splash into your eye and/or mouth?Yes7432.2
Don’t remember62.6

Have you had blood or body fluid splash into your eye and/or mouth within the last one year?Yes5523.9
Don’t remember146.1

NB: those who did not remember their exposure were considered as not exposed.