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Oral Tissues Interactions with Lights and Matters

Call for Papers

Several materials and lights are actually available for use in daily practices. Their interactions with oral tissues can induce, produce, or provoke biological effects that could be appreciated or unwished. The knowledge of their process of interaction is necessary to improve the quality of treatments or products and to avoid side effects.

Importantly, several matters and lights are proposed for oral treatments in different fields of dentistry. The understanding of their effects on biological material can improve or prohibit their applications (e.g., bioactivation, biomodulation, magnetic properties, mechanical properties, chemical properties, tissue overheating, etc.). Thus, studies focused on light applications and matters used in oral treatments and fundamental studies can enlighten the interaction process with biological oral tissues and by the way improve the quality of oral treatments. In the oral environment, there are both hard (bone and teeth) and soft (gingival and mucosal tissues), providing complex functions and aesthetics. Treatment modalities including light energies should specifically target these tissues for the best biological responses and clinical outcomes. Thus, research and clinical studies that focused on the various oral tissues would enlighten the biological and interactive mechanisms that can eventually improve the quality of treatment for oral conditions and needs.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Oral light applications
  • Oral laser applications
  • Lasers and lights interactions with biological oral tissues
  • Clinical applications using a new material
  • Interaction between materials and oral tissues
  • Basic research including molecular biology
  • Biointeractive mechanisms, wavelengths, parameters, and indications
  • Clinical studies of such applications
  • New materials and advantages
  • Limitations and risks
  • Oral soft tissues interaction with lights or with dental materials
  • Dental pulp interaction with light or dental materials
  • Oral hard tissues interaction with light or dental materials
  • Bleaching of teeth with the use of a laser or light
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