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Research Article

Antioxidant Capacity, Cytoprotection, and Healing Actions of the Leaf Aqueous Extract of Ocimum suave in Rats Subjected to Chronic and Cold-Restraint Stress Ulcers

Table 2

In vivo antioxidant capacity of O. suave extract in rats subjected to cold restraint stress.

Normal rats 0 mg/kg 250 mg/kg 500 mg/kg

Specific activity of SOD (units/g tissue)
Specific activity of CAT ( M H2O2/min./g tissue)
Malondialdehyde (pmol/g wet tissue)
Reduced glutathione (nmol/g tissue)

Statistically different relative to normal rats, .
The values are expressed as mean SEM of 6 animals.
SOD: superoxide dismutase; CAT: catalase.