Table 5: Variable definitions and descriptive statistics: 46 major US cities.

VariableMeanStd. Dev.MinimumMaximumData source

Public housing units per 1000 population8.964.350.8026.89National Commission on Urban Problems
Percentage of housing stock built after 194015.859.803.136.31950 Census
Percentage housing owner occupied45.9210.6019.164.01950 Census
Percentage housing standard quality*76.7610.2656.091.01950 Census
Vacancy rate (%)1.641.230.506.701950 Census
Percentage families, income <$2,00021.576.4313.139.41950 Census
Percentage Nonwhite population, 195014.119.921.639.91950 Census
Percentage Nonwhite population, 196019.5911.872.754.81960 Census
Segregation index, 195088.294.3576.997.8K. Taeuber and A. Taeuber [8]
Population density per square mile9,4965,2942,86125,0461950 Census

*Units with hot running water, private toilet and bath, and not dilapidated.