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VLSI Design
Volume 5 (1997), Issue 3, Pages 253-271

IDDQ Testing Experiments for Various CMOS Logic Design Structures

1Duke University, Dept. of Electrical Engr., Box 90291, Durham, NC 27708-0291, USA
3University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA
4lBM, Charlotte, USA

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In this paper, we present two studies. The first study constitutes an assessment of the effectiveness of IDDQ (quiescent power supply current) in detecting transistor-level defects for three CMOS logic design styles. This study was carded out by designing, simulating, fabricating, and testing CMOS devices with built-in defects. The second study involves an assessment of IDDQ in a production-type environment and the effect of bum-in on IDDQ levels. This study was carried out in a production facility. The results show that IDDQ testing can detect some types of defects in precharge and pseudo-NMOS circuits but may require partitioning circuitry for the latter.