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VLSI Design
Volume 8, Issue 1-4, Pages 99-103

3D Parallel Finite Element Simulation of In-Cell Breakdown in Lateral-Channel IGBTs

Device Modelling Group, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, University of Glasgow, Scotland, Glasgow G12 8LT, UK

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In this paper we describe the use of 3D parallel finite element solution of the Poisson equation to calculate the in-cell breakdown voltage in lateral channel IGBTs. The solver is based on topologically rectangular grids, and uses a domain decomposition approach to partition the problem on an array of mesh connected processors. A parallel BiCGSTAB solver has been developed to solve the Possion equation. Hole and electron ionisation integrals are calculated to determine the breakdown voltage. The effects of varying the doping concentration in the n base region and stopper surface concentration are investigated.