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VLSI Design
Volume 11, Issue 1, Pages 1-21

New Self-dual Circuits for Error Detection and Testing

1University of Potsdam, Department of Computer Science, Fault Tolerant Computing Group, PSF 601553, Potsdam D-14415 , Germany
2Railway Transportation State University, Moskovskij pr. 9, SU190031 St.-Petersburg, Russia

Received 1 April 1999; Accepted 5 October 1999

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In this paper new methods for the transformation of a given combinational circuit into a self-dual circuit based on the notion of a self-dual complement are investigated. The large variety of self-dual complements can be utilized to optimize the transformed self-dual circuit. Self-dual duplication and self-dual parity prediction are considered in detail. As a method for the reduction of self-dual outputs, output space compaction of self-dual outputs is considered. For the first time we also describe in this paper how a self-dual circuit can be modified into a self-dual fault-secure circuit.