Table 3: Resource utilization of the Simple Observer (SO) and Composite Observer (CO) Control scheme using Quartus II tool.


FamilyCyclone IICyclone II
Total logic elements1,779/8,256 (21%)5,517/8,256 (66%)
Combinational with no register14484981
Register only1613
Combinational with a register315523

Logic element usage by number of LUT inputs

4 input functions215662
3 input functions12073967
<=2 input functions341875
Register only1613
Combinational cells for routing1332

Logic elements by mode

Normal mode5741480
Arithmetic mode11894024
Total registers331/8,256 (4%)536/8,256 (6%)
Total LABs158/516(30%)452/516 (87%)
Total pins9/85 (10%)9/85 (10%)
M4Ks2/36 (5%)2/36 (5%)
Total memory bits5,120/165,888 (3%)5,120/165,888 (3%)
Total RAM block bits9,216/165,888 (5%)9,216/165,888 (5% )
Embedded Multiplier 9-bit elements36/36 (100%)36/36 (100%)