Research Article

Comparative Efficacy of an Organic Acid Blend and Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate as Growth Promoters in Broiler Chickens: Effects on Performance, Gut Histology, and Small Intestinal Milieu

Table 3

Effects of feeding an organic acid blend (OAB) and bacitracin methylene disalicylate (BMD) at different dose levels on performance traits and carcass characteristics in broiler chicken .

Dietary treatmentsPooled SEContrast P value
MeasurementsControl (Basal diet)OABBMDDose effectBetween treatments
1 g/kg diet2 g/kg diet0.5 g/kg diet1.0 g/kg dietOABMD

Live performance and gross carcass traits
Final live weight g1510168617731740171713.2***L**LQ***
Total gain g1471164817351702167813.1***L** LQ***
Overall FCR 2.031.691.731.791.850.02***LQ**LQ***
Dressing percentage56.958.757.957.159.60.26NS**L *
Breast g2202902612833109.3 *L *LNS
Thigh g1231521441531673.9$ *LNS
Drumstick g1251511461661874.4NS**L *

Chemical composition (g/100 g meat on fresh basis) and nutrient accretion (g)
Protein accretion321.8384.9383.9347.6366.44.37**L$***
Ash accretion50.2113.492.560.263.72.54**LQNS***

The birds were on test for 35 days, Feed conversion ratio, calculated by dividing total feed intake by total live weight gain in 35 days. sLignificant linear effect, sQignificant quadratic effect, *at P<.05, **at P<.01, ***at P<.001, $P<.1.