Table 1: Milk clot formation; PMNL count; elastase activity; concentrations of IL-8, 22 and 23 kDa LDP, and Lf in mammary secretions from the uninfected and infected quarters of cows with S. aureus dry-period mastitis.

Uninfected ( )Infected ( )

S. aureus (log10 cfu/mL)ND1
Milk clot formation (number of quarters)07
PMNL (log10 count/mL) > 8.02
Elastase (units/mL)ND
IL-8 (pg/mL)ND
22 and 23 kDa LDP (μg/mL) 3
Lf (mg/mL) 3

1Not detectable.
2Due to the presence of milk clots, PMNL counts could not be precisely determined. PMNL counts of more than 108 cells/mL were excluded.
3Significantly different compared to the uninfected quarters.