Table 2: The diameter and thickness of the trachea wall of the Red Sokoto goat.

Length (mm)Animal number ( )Mean ± SEMP value

OVD1716161715171417.51516.06 ± 0.390.05
OTD13.51712.713131614141314.02 ± 0.5

IVD151313.51413151211.512.513.28 ± 0.410.01
ITD1013111111141211.51111.61 ± 0.41

DWT1213.5111111.39 ± 0.29ns
VWT2122322222.0 ± 0.17
LWT11.53221.511.511.61 ± 0.22ns

OVD: outer vertical diameter, OTD: outer transverse diameter, IVD: inner vertical diameter, ITD: inner transverse diameter, DWT: dorsal wall thickness, VWT: ventral wall thickness, LWT: lateral wall thickness, CSR: cross-sectional area, n: sample size, SEM: standard error of mean, and ns: not significant.