Table 2: Clonal complexes and allelic profiles from 15 Campylobacter jejuni/coli strains isolated from sheep and goats in Grenada and Carriacou.

HostCCaSTbAllele number

SheepST-2150 (3)c21123215
454 (1)21152218
ST-52#1 Novel (1)d92521010436
ST-3535908 (1)725210436
Untypable sheep? (1)Close 28412Close 28Close 1?5

GoatsST-218 (1)2113216
5340 (1)2112310415
ST-52 52 (1)9252102236
ST-61 61 (1)14226317
ST-677 5020 (1)10250621207652
ST-21#1 Novel (1)d239123215
ST-677#2 Novel (1)d333950Close 47e1207652
Untypable goat? (1)Close 28?Close 2Close 28Close 1?6

Clonal complex.
Sequence types.
Numbers in parentheses after each ST denote the number of isolates.
No exact matches yet in the PubMLST data base for ST determination.
Allele 47 for GLY was used for CC determination.