Table 2: Question delivered in the Ph.D. summer school evaluation form, cumulative percentages for SD + D (strongly disagree + disagree), N (neutral), and A + SA (agree + strongly agree) responses, and average scores.

Survey questionsSD + D (%)N (%)A + SA (%)Average score

I found the PhD Summer School a useful part of my learning experience1320674.00
I found the PhD Summer School intellectually stimulating 040603.85
The Ph.D. Summer School has helped me develop my ability to work as a team member4033273.08
The Ph.D. Summer School has sharpened my analytical skills1333533.85
The Ph.D. Summer School has stimulated my enthusiasm for further learning1327603.92
The Ph.D. Summer School has helped me develop my problem-solving skills5320272.85
The material provided encouraged me to learn more about the topics covered4027333.23
I have learned to explore ideas confidently with other people2033473.54
I felt that I benefit from being in contact with active researchers720734.00
I felt part of a group of student and staff committed to learning2047333.54
The teaching staff worked hard to make their subject interesting727674.00
The Ph.D. Summer School has helped me develop my skills in written communication677272.69
The Ph.D. Summer School has helped me develop my capacity for research and enquiry2053273.25
The PhD Summer School fostered my personal and intellectual independence3353133.08
The PhD Summer School has helped me develop my ability to use information effectively2727473.62
I was able to explore academic interest with academic staff and fellow students 1333533.75
The teaching staff of this course motivated me to do my best work 277673.92
As a result of this course, I feel confident about tackling unfamiliar problems2753203.08
The teaching staff provided additional information relevant to my topic4013473.31
The PhD Summer School provided opportunities for me to become involved in the broader research culture2733403.33
The PhD Summer School program was good 727674.17
Interaction with other postgraduate students was actively encouraged during the Summer School3313533.46
The facilities (e.g., classrooms, lecture theatres, studios, labs, and workshops) were adequate for this course1313733.92
The learning outcomes of the PhD Summer School were clear to me 733603.85
The teaching in this course helped me to learn effectively 4027333.08
I was motivated to engage with the learning activities in this course 2740333.31
I can see the relevance of this course to my professional development 4020403.23
I was stimulated to participate as an active learner in the course3333333.31
I have learnt to develop ideas and present them in my written work 4720333.15
Overall, I was satisfied with the quality of this course2720533.62
What were the best aspects of the PhD Summer School? Please explain why these aspects are goodn/a
What aspects are most in need of improvement? Please explain whyn/a