Table 1: L1 and L5 comparison parameters.


Bandwidth 2 MHz 24 MHzThe higher bandwidth of L5 can provide better accuracy in noisy environment
Center frequency1575.42 MHz1176.45 MHz
Secondary codesN/ANeuman-Hoffman (NH) codesThe addition of NH codes in L5 signal:
(1) Improved spectral line component spacing
(2) Reduced effect of narrow band interference
(3) Resulted in low cross-correlation
(4) Provided better synchronization at bit level
Chip rate1.023 MHz10.23 MHz Increasing chipping rate of L5: (1) provides greater bandwidth performance, (2) low signal distortion, (3) provides greater accuracy
Data encodingNo Improved data encoding with Parity & Cyclic Redundancy CheckGreater signal and data integrity can be achieved with advanced methods of encoding