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Research Article

Hydra-Bite: Static Taint Immunity, Split, and Complot Based Information Capture Method for Android Device

Table 10

3–6 sample sets’ attribute.

Serial Number of TypeType of SampleName of SampleTarget InformationIPC Transmission ModeSending Mode

1Non-CooperativeCapture1IMEI NumberSMS Message
Transfer Case withoutCapture2LocationInternet
Taint CleanedCapture3ContactSMS Message

2Non-CooperativeSoundCleanIMEI NumberSMS Message
Transfer Case withLogCleanLocationInternet
Taint CleanedScreenCleanContactSMS Message

3NSound_RIMEI NumberIntent
Sound_SSMS Message
without Taint CleanedLog_SInternet
Screen_SSMS Message

4CSound_RIMEI NumberIntent
Sound_SSMS Message
with Taint CleanedLog_SInternet
Screen_SSMS Message