Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing / 2018 / Article / Alg 2

Research Article

Rate-Adaptive Multiple Access for Uplink Grant-Free Transmission

Algorithm 2

The Proposed SIC-Based Detection Algorithm.
Require: the received signal , the number of active user , maximum SIC iteration number , maximum layer number
, and flag .
Ensure: the estimated information bits.
Set .
(2)while    &    do
Set .
(4)for    do
for    do
(6)Step 1. Detect the th signal layer of the user with th strongest channel gain while regarding interference as noise.
if this signal layer is successfully recovered  then
(8)Step 2. Output the estimated information bits of this signal layer.
Step 3. Reconstruct and cancel this signal layer from .
(10)Step 4. Set flag .
end if
(12)end for
end for
(14)end while