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An NFV-Based Energy Scheduling Algorithm for a 5G Enabled Fleet of Programmable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Table 7

Summary of simulation parameters.


Generic 10 hours 1-7 0-110, for all juniform distributed random value [Ah], for all kuniform distributed, random value [A], for all j10 [min], for all k

Realistic5, 10, 15 hours70-100, for all j3 [Ah], for all kS1 Router: 292.02 [mA]10 [min], for all k
S2 Router: 292.35 [mA]
S3 AP + Router: 371.82 [mA]
S4 AP + Router: 373.62 [mA]
S5 Telemetry TX: 288.76 [mA]
S6 Telemetry TX: 288.23 [mA]
S7 Flying: 9000 [mA]