Table 2: Comparison of selected mobility management solutions.


Mobility management Network-based Network-based Network-based Network-based Host-based Host-based Host-based
Additional infrastructure HA & FA HA LMA & MAG Mapping System RVS (optional) - -
MN modification Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Operating layer L3 L3 L3 L3 L3 &  ‘HIP’ L3 &  ‘shim’ L3
MN addressing HoA & CoA HoA & CoA HoA & CoA EID & RLOC HI & IP ULID & L NID & L64
Re-use of IP address Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Supported legacy address space IPv4 IPv6 IPv6 IPv4/IPv6 IPv4/IPv6 IPv6/IPv6
Concurrent multipath transfer No No No No No No Yes
Tunneling Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Standardisation IETF (PS) IETF (PS) IETF (PS) IETF (E) IETF (PS) IETF (PS) IRTF (E)

Technically possible, deployability unclear.
CoA: care-of address.
EID: endpoint identifier.
FA: foreign agent.
HA: home agent.
HI: Host Identifier.
HoA: home address.
L: locator.
L64: locator.
LMA: Local Mobility Anchor.
MAG: Mobile Access Gateway.
NID: node identifier.
RLOC: Routing Locator.
RVS: Rendezvous Server.
ULID: Upper Layer Identifier.