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Research Article

A Survey of Cooperative Jamming-Based Secure Transmission for Energy-Limited Systems

Table 2

An overview of energy-constrained wireless-powered cooperative jamming.


[29]PS-based full duplex jamming/imperfect CSISTProve that a PS-based scheme outperforms a TS-based scheme for a delay-tolerant transmission mode and performs better for delay-constrained transmission only in specific scenario.
[55]SWIPT-based AF half-duplex relay/perfect CSISCMaximize SC subject to transmit power constraints by optimizing the transmit beamforming matrix of an AF relay and the covariance matrix of AN.
[56]EH half-duplex relay/perfect CSISOPObtain a closed-form near-optimal TS ratio and the SOP exact expression for an EH-based jammer-assisted wireless sensor network.
[57]SWIPT-based AF half-duplex relay/imperfect CSIWCSRMaximize WCSR by jointly optimizing the CB and the CJ covariance matrix along with the PS ratios for a relay with static power splitting and dynamic power splitting scenarios.
[58]EH half-duplex jammer/imperfect CSISTAchieve the best throughput subject to secrecy outage probability constraints by optimizing rate parameters.
[59]SWIPT-based AF half-duplex relay/imperfect CSIWCSRJointly optimize the AN covariance matrices at harvest-and-jam helpers and the AF relay beamforming matrix to maximize the WCSR.
[60]SWIPT-based full-duplex relay/perfect CSISCStudy optimal power allocation in a secure OFDM-based SWIPT system with the help of a wireless-powered friendly jammer.
[61]SWIPT-based full-duplex relay/imperfect CSIPCProve that secure performance of the robust beamforming design is better than nonrobust ones for a practical multiradio wireless mesh network.
[62].SWIPT-based full-duplex self-jamming/perfect CSICOP, SOP, STAnalyze COP, SOP, reliable-secure probability, and ST when multiple noncollusion eavesdroppers intercept confidential signals.
[63]Half duplex destination-based-jamming SWIPT/imperfect CSISCDesign an AN-aided multicell coordinated beamforming scheme for SWIPT-enabled centralized and distributed manners by minimizing the total required power.
[64]SWIPT-based AF half-duplex relay/imperfect CSISOPInvestigate the SOP for a TS-based SWIPT and destination-aided-jamming system with an untrustworthy AF relay.
[65]EH full-duplex relay/imperfect CSISC and SOPPropose a full-duplex jammer protocol whose key feature is that both relay and jammer are powered by source transmissions.