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Research Article

Multi-MeV Flash Radiography in Shock Physics Experiments: Specific Assemblages of Monolithic Scintillating Crystals for Use in CCD-Based Imagers

Figure 12

Photon transfer curve (open circles) of the CCD; noise ( 𝜎 ) produced in the CCD as a function of signal level ( 𝑆 ) (measurement performed with a light source); (dashed line) numerical fit of the experimental curve ( 𝜎 2 = 𝜎 2 0 + π‘˜ β‹… 𝑆 , with 𝜎 0 = 5 . 1 LSB and π‘˜ = 0 . 8 1 ); noise produced in the imager as a function of signal level with 20-mm (solid grey squares) and 30-mm (open triangles) thick BGO scintillators, respectively (measurement performed using X-rays). Note that all measurements overlay nicely, indicating that the dominating contributor to the imager noise is the noise produced in the CCD.