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Research Article

Multi-MeV Flash Radiography in Shock Physics Experiments: Specific Assemblages of Monolithic Scintillating Crystals for Use in CCD-Based Imagers

Figure 7

Radiograph obtained using a 10 mm thick, 1 1 0 m m × 1 1 0 m m scintillator assembly and an unfiltered 18-MeV-bremsstrahlung spectrum. The scintillator is made of four 5 5 m m × 5 5 m m LYSO scintillators, assembled using optical glue. Two types of backing (placed on the X-ray side of the scintillator) were used in this experiment; black cardboard on the upper left of the image and white glossy paper on the lower right. The glue joints appear brighter than the bulk of the scintillator.