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An indexing update from BioMed Research International

BioMed Research International journal cover

We are pleased to announce that BioMed Research International has been reindexed in the Web of Science Core Collection.

We are delighted to announce that BioMed Research International has been reindexed in the Web of Science Core Collection. This journal will also receive a new Impact Factor in summer 2024.  

Indexing impact for our community 

This is a significant development for the journal and its author communities, as they will regain the discoverability, citation impact and recognition that an impact factor brings. We would like to thank our authors who have continued to publish in the journal despite the challenges faced. The reindexing of this journal recognizes the substantial efforts that we’ve undertaken to correct the scholarly record, the quality of the journal’s published articles, as well as the value the journal provides to the academic community.  

Our whitepaper, “Tackling publication manipulation at scale: Hindawi’s journey and lessons for academic publishing,” outlines the steps we have taken to investigate and rectify the scholarly record. It shows the significant progress we have made in our investigations within and outside of Special Issues and explores the development of new retraction processes and policies to prevent further abuse of our publishing systems.  We will continue to make improvements to our comprehensive article submission evaluation process as well as our enhanced Special Issue Guest Editor assessment.  

Brand update  

Hindawi’s more than 200 journals will integrate into Wiley’s nearly 2,000-journal portfolio and the Hindawi Brand will be discontinued. We believe that integrating the Hindawi journals into Wiley’s portfolio will enable a much wider audience, and benefit authors, editors, and the communities we serve by providing expanded routes to publishing open access and delivering more sophisticated technology and a consistent user experience. Driven by our mission to uphold the highest standards of quality in every aspect of our business, we continue to take our responsibility for research integrity seriously. 

The alignment of our journal portfolios and harmonization of our processes, as well as our continued investment in technologies and infrastructure, enables us to uphold our commitment to research integrity and ethical open science practices. As we work through the integration process, we will continue to support the communities we serve through a seamless publishing experience. To find out more about how this change will impact you as an author please see our FAQs

Scope review 

As part of our commitment to provide a great author service, the journal will soon be migrating to a new submission platform. Amongst other updates, this will enable assignments to editors based on keywords, instead of requiring authors to select a relevant section. 

To continue providing the biomedical community with valuable research that aligns with the original aims and scope of BioMed Research International, our in-house Editorial team recently carried out a thorough review of the journal’s section list. Section Editors who lead the journal also provided feedback to ensure that it included innovative and cutting-edge research areas and its core elements.    

As a result of this community-led analysis, we have made the decision to update the scope to the following:  

BioMed Research International is a broad scope, peer-reviewed, open access journal. We welcome all biomedical research, which combines biological research with medical relevance. The journal publishes original research articles and review articles across a range of subject areas across the various fields of biomedical research. 

The journal will continue to welcome all papers of biomedical relevance, but the list of sections will be narrowed to display key topics, and several sections will receive minor updates to their titles. The reindexing is a positive step forward that acknowledges the work that is ongoing to promote transparency and research integrity in our journals in the face of evolving challenges in research journal publishing. We will continue working closely with our author, editor, and reviewer communities to ensure the highest standards of quality are met. We encourage authors to explore our portfolio of journals as a home for their research. 

This blog post is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY). Illustration by David Jury.

We have begun to integrate the 200+ Hindawi journals into Wiley’s journal portfolio. You can find out more about how this benefits our journal communities on our FAQ.