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SciencePOD to help magnify the impact of published research

SciencePOD to help magnify the impact of published research

We are working with SciencePOD to help raise our authors’ visibility and encourage scientific collaboration.

New partnership to help raise our authors’ visibility and encourage scientific collaboration.

We are pleased to announce a new partnership we have with SciencePOD, a leading network of highly talented and multilingual science writers. SciencePOD will work with Hindawi to help the scientific research published in our journals to reach a wider audience through clear and concise highlights of selected papers.

Sarah Greaves, PhD, our Chief Publishing Officer states: “We are delighted to be partnering with SciencePOD to help us fulfill our mission of disseminating our published content in an accessible manner – ensuring readers can access, read and put into context research published in Hindawi journals. By working with SciencePOD, our authors and readers will have access to more, easy-to-digest content – helping us drive forward open science and academic research.”

These brief articles, prepared by SciencePOD, highlighting key research findings will be made available through our website. They will cover a variety of topics and serve to bring attention to important, relevant and engaging research content in our journals portfolio.

SciencePOD specialises in translating complex scientific content into accessible, easy to understand stories, and helps science publishers raise the profile of their authors and the research they publish. SciencePOD’s mission is closely aligned with Hindawi’s objective to increase the level of openness and accessibility of research.

Sabine Louët, SciencePOD’s founder and CEO says: “The Hindawi highlights provide an opportunity for those working both within and outside science to understand the latest research published by researchers around the globe and across all of STEM.” She adds: “We are very pleased to partner with Hindawi and contribute to open science.”

We will be publishing these highlights as they are produced, with the first coming very soon!

About SciencePOD

SciencePOD (www.sciencepod.net) — Science Prose On Demand — is a digital publishing platform magnifying the impact of scientific ideas. We transform complex knowledge into simple messages to better inform and influence target audiences. Our content creation platform provides access to a growing community of 350 science writers and editors with expertise in science, medicine, technology and innovation. Every piece of digital content created through the SciencePOD platform is subjected to a multi-layered quality control process guaranteeing that the final result is scientifically correct as well as clear, concise and compelling. Find out more about us on our blog: www.sciencepod.org. Please contact: [email protected] for more information.


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