Publish with Hindawi

Thinking about submitting your latest original research or review article to a Hindawi journal? Join our community of authors and benefit from:

  • An easy-to-use manuscript submission system, without manuscript formatting requirements.
  • Free of charge, full language editing report at point of submission, to help you assess and improve your manuscript prior to peer review.
  • Dedicated editors who are active in their specific communities.
  • High editorial standards, ensuring all published manuscripts undergo an in-depth peer review process.
  • Quick, efficient publication with full transparency on all publishing metrics and turnaround times.
  • Greater impact, reach, and visibility of your research through open access.
  • Retention of all ownership and copyright of your published research.
  • Comprehensive author services to assist with preparing your manuscript for submission, helping to make your manuscript the best it can be.

    Submitting research

    Need some help submitting your article? The links below provide resources on how to prepare to submit your research, along with guidance on how to make sure you choose the right journal and information on the editing services we provide.

    Peer review

    The resources below provide information on our journals’ editorial processes and describe the peer review process that takes place between submission and publication, along with our screening processes and details on the article types we consider.

    Payment and funding

    Open access publishers like Hindawi do not generate revenue from selling subscriptions. Instead, we make all articles we publish freely available online. Below you can find resources that provide details on our article processing charges (APCs) and an explanation of what these encompass, as well as information on our waiver policies.

    Publishing policy

    Guidance on our ethical standards for publication, information on our policies regarding research data and reporting guidelines, and details on the distribution and dissemination of research we publish can be found in the resources below. 

    We have begun to integrate the 200+ Hindawi journals into Wiley’s journal portfolio. You can find out more about how this benefits our journal communities on our FAQ.