Figure 3: Comparison between the phylogenetic tree and the selected map. It is possible to notice that there are four outliers bacteria: “Francisella tularensis,” “Alterococcus agarolyticus,” “Legionella pneumophila,” “Buchnera aphidicola.” The first three bacteria are clustered in the border of the map and far from their homologous strains; the remaining one lies in a single cell surrounded by a dark gray area that indicates its actual distance from its neighbors is bigger than the one shown in the map. There are other bacteria far from their homologous strains: “Schineria larvae,” “Arhodomonas aquaeolei,” “Halothiobacillus neapolitanus,” “Nitrosococcus nitrosus.” “Enterobacteriales” and “Pasteurellales” form compact group in both representations.