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This World AIDS Day, we spotlight three recent articles, covering survival post-HAART, the impact of HIV disclosure on quality of life, and modeling the dynamics of HIV-Hepatitis B coinfection. These articles reveal a comprehensive approach to HIV/AIDS research...

Spotlight on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG15: Life on Land) blog.

Spotlight on SDG15 – Life on Land

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Halting deforestation, combatting desertification and preserving biodiversity are essential to ensuring our survival. Research on SDG 15: Life on...

Open science infrastructures: Supporting the research community

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For Open Access Week 2023, we highlight the importance of community-based...

By using MRI to measure right ventricular thickness and deformation, this...

Open Science

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What are PIDs and how do they benefit scholarly communication?

Metadata | Open Source | Persistent identifiers

"PIDS are useful because they act as pointers to an output and enable connections between different research outputs and people and organizations..."

What you publish, not where you publish

Authors | Early career researchers

What are the limits of the Journal Impact Factor and how can we work toward...

Open Science Explained

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We explore the main aspects of Open Science that have been highlighted in...

What steps can researchers take to protect themselves against unethical activity? We share some red flags to be mindful of when submitting your paper.


Article of the Year - Celebrating impactful research published in 2022 - image of a gold trophy cup on a dark gold backgrdound

Article of the Year 2022

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The award for researchers, chosen by researchers, is back again.

Get advice on writing peer review reports with the Hindawi Hub for Reviewers.

We are evolving our portfolio in response to research integrity challenges.

Event: Becoming a Journal Editor. Image shows three event speakers Dr Mithun Sinha, Dr Clark Holdsworth, and Eti Moore.

Event: Becoming a Journal Editor

Career | Reviewers | Early career researchers

On November 9th, join a panel of expert speakers discussing how to become a Journal Editor.

Science Communication

We share some useful tips for writing and structuring your next case report.

Fully addressing review report comments can save you valuable time in the...

From language editing to structural checks, how can Writefull help improve...

How to write a good abstract for your paper

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Patients with significant insulin resistance and hypertension are almost 40 times more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than those with normal...

Professor Abu Zahrim Yaser discusses the importance of research into Anaerobic Digestion and the key trends that he has seen emerge over the last few...

Spotlight on SDGs

Spotlight on SDGs: Goal 3 – Good Health & Well-Being

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As the UN marks the midpoint of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development this week at the SDG Summit, we are pleased to announce our third...

The UN Sustainable Development Goals serve as a roadmap to achieve a better...

An interview with award-winning nephrology expert and journal Chief Editor...

Article of the Year Award: Impactful research contributions of 2022, as selected by our Chief Editors. Discover the winning articles.