colset UNIT = unit;
colset INT = int;
colset BOOL = bool;
colset STRING = string;
val NS=5;
colset Resource=STRING;
colset E=with e;
colset ResList=list Resource;
colset Form=STRING;
colset ResAmt=product Resource*INT;
colset Service=STRING;
colset SerStat=product Service*ResList*INT;
colset FormRes=product Form*ResList*INT;
colset FormList=list FormRes;
colset SerFormList=product
colset SerForm=product Service*FormRes;
colset SerNum=product Service*INT;
colset SerFormRes=product
var r: Resource;
var k,q,p,i,n,m:INT;
var s,sr:Service;
var y:ResList;
var fl:FormList;
var fr:Form;
var rl:ResList;
Algorithm 2: Set of declarations used for constructing the model of situation 2.