Table 3: Predictors of urticaria in the co-twin of an affected twin, in twin pairs, 20–51 years of age.

Crude HR P valueAdjusted HR P value
(95% CI)(95% CI)

 MZ1.57 (0.71–3.47)0.2671.42 (0.63–3.18)0.394
 Females1.86 (0.78–4.44)0.1601.86 (0.78–4.45)0.165
Age at onset0.98 (0.93–1.03)0.3280.98 (0.93–1.03)0.346

DZ: dizygotic twins; MZ: monozygotic twins. HR: hazard ratio; CI: confidence interval. Adjusted HR is multivariably adjusted.