Table 1: State reduction statistics from the IKBS PARCS optimizer for the five benchmarks.

Module nameInitial schedule statesPARCS parallelized statesState reduction rate

FIR filter main routine171041%
Differential equation solver201335%
RSA main routine161131%
Nested loops 1st subroutine282029%
Nested loops 2nd subroutine (with embedded mem)362628%
Nested loops 2nd subroutine (with external mem)967918%
Nested loops 3rd subroutine151033%
Nested loops 4th subroutine181233%
Nested loops 5th subroutine171324%
MPEG 1st subroutine885636%
MPEG 2nd subroutine885636%
MPEG 3rd subroutine372532%
MPEG top subroutine (with embeded mem)32622332%
MPEG top subroutine (with external mem)46234326%