Table 2: Factors associated with memory test scores: multivariate analyses (β #).

List A, trial 1Total recall Trials 1–5, List AShort delay free recallShort delay cued recallLong delay free recallLong delay cued recallRate of forgettingProactive
Retroactive interference

Age −.056−.332**−.163−.189−.159−.233*−.028−.154.362**
Sex (women/men).100.318**.123.176.223*.197.289**.073−.318*
Educational level (<12/  y)−.052−.338**−.361**−.350**−.333**−.328**−.066−.088−.053
Number of criteria of the MetS−.184−.213*−.256*−.211*−.326**−.231*−.216.062−.023
Fagerstrom Test−.−.022−.118
Alcohol dependence or abuse (yes/no)−.010−.038−.**−.007−.162

#β: standardised beta coefficient (β represents the change of the standard deviation in neurocognition score resulting from a change of one standard deviation in the independent variable); *P ≤ 0.05; **P ≤ 0.01. MetS is included as a continuous variable in the analysis (number of MetS criteria).