Table 1: GC-MS operating conditions for analysis of pesticide samples.

GC/MS parameter Component or setting

Gas chromatographAgilent 6890 N
Mass detectorAgilent 5973
ColumnHP-5MS (30 m × 0.25 mm id, 0.25 μm)
Carrier gasHelium
Purge flow and time25.5 mL/min at 1.5 min
Injection1-μL splitless or split with different split ratios (up to 80 : 1). Pulsed pressure injection (40 psi for 0.8 min)
Inlet temperature325°C
Column temperature program40°C (2 min)
30°C min−1 to 325°C (hold 7 min)
Detector temperature230°C source
150°C quadrupole
MSD transfer line325°C