Table 13: Frequency of responses provided by all teachers for Part II of the Brazilian version of EBAS—Adult Version.

Subscales of EBASSchool placementResponse optionsFrequency (average)%Score (average)

NeurologicalRegular school teachersTotally believe7.6727.42.6
Believe a lot5.3319.0
Believe a little6.4222.0
Not at all8.5830.7
Special school teachersTotally believe6.6723.82.8
Believe a lot4.6716.7
Believe a little5.0017.9
Not at all11.6741.7

MetaphysicalRegular school teachersTotally believe8.0028.62.8
Believe a lot2.579.2
Believe a little3.2911.7
Not at all14.1450.5
Special school teachersTotally believe7.0025.02.9
Believe a lot2.719.7
Believe a little3.8613.8
Not at all14.4351.5

Environmental/PsychophysicalRegular school teachersTotally believe6.3222.52.8
Believe a lot4.6416.6
Believe a little5.9621.3
Not at all11.1239.6
Special school teachersTotally believe7.1625.62.8
Believe a lot3.5212.6
Believe a little5.8821.0
Not at all11.4440.9