Table 5: Process template in which information and views are documented for the Analyze and Recommend activity.

Activity: analyze and recommendCode (in Figure 4): A6
Objective: elaborate and communicate a conclusion report and (if necessary) a recommendation report for a decision-making process.

Description: identify and select procedures, techniques and tools to be used in order to analyze data, metadata, and information, coming from metrics and indicators, for a given information need. Based on the analysis results, a conclusion report is produced, and, a recommendations report, if necessary, is yielded as well. All these reports are communicated to the evaluation requester.

(i) Design the analysis (A6.1)
(ii) Implement the analysis (A6.2)
(iii) Elaborate the conclusion report (A6.3)
(iv) Perform recommendations (A6.4)
Involved roles:
(i) Analysis designer
(ii) Data analyzer
(iii) Recommender
(iv) Results communicator

Input artifacts:Output Artifacts:
(i) Nonfunctional requirements specificationConclusion/Recommendation report.
(ii) Metrics specificationNote that this artifact is composed of
(iii) Indicators specification(i) Analysis specification;
(iv) Measures(ii) Analysis report;
(v) Indicators values(iii) Conclusion Report; and
(vi) Project/business commitment(iv) Recommendations report.

Preconditions: a MEProject must be implemented.Postconditions: the MEProject finishes when the conclusion and/or recommendation report is communicated and agreed on between the QA manager and the requester of the evaluation.