Table 1: Mix ideal proportions (by mass for a concrete mixture) and properties of fresh concrete with admixtures.

Mixture/sampleMaterials code
SwtpPw Tw

Sludge (water treatment plant): Swtp (%)800000
Porcelain waste (Pw) (%)05025000
Silica fume (Sf) (%)0008150
Tire-rubber waste (Tw) (%)0000010
Fine aggregate (natural sand)1.86013471.8371.5411.820
Fine aggregate (artificial)0.161347000
Natural coarse aggregate (19 mm)2.9801.4975123.3061.5412.620
Artificial coarse aggregate (19 mm)01.497512000
Water/cementitious materials ratio0.510.500.50.460.410.50
Slump (mm)182525505014
Unit weight (kg/m³) 2,247 2,2192,2192,3572,220
Air content (%)

Notes: Portland cement types: filler modified (CPII-F 32); *high-early strength (CPV-ARI RS); **pozzolan modified (CPII-Z 32); ***sulfate resistant (CPIV-32 RS).