Figure 7: Interictal (a) and ictal (b) record of a patient with mediotemporal epilepsy investigated with foramen ovale (FO) electrodes picking up mediotemporal activity. (a) Intensive spiking in both FO electrodes independently with separate electromorphology, with abundance of slow waves in the right FO (green). Spiking is only sparsly reflected in the scalp electrodes. (b) Ictal recording shows seizure start that simultaneously with the clinical onset as sigma range oscillations in the right FO electrode contacts. Propagation to the contralateral side (purple) was seen several seconds later. Scalp electrodes show ictal activity only after propagation to the contralateral side in the FO, with theta range rhystmic activity. This record demonstrates the difficulties to verify the laterality relations in mediotemporal epilepsies without intracranial recordings, when both sides are involved.