Table 1: Definitions of diabetes-related complications and number of individuals identified.

CategoryICD-10 codesIndividuals identified 1997–2002Occurred in 2001Occurred in 2002

(1) Myocardial infarctionI21450382518%99922%
(2) Angina pectorisI208382123515%118614%
(3) Peripheral vascular diseaseI700, I701, I701, I702, I708, I709, I739491679216%76115%
(4) Ischaemic strokeG450, G458, G459, I678, I61, I63, I646715109616%113017%
(5) Heart failureI46, I506672115617%133820%
(6) Renal diseaseI12, I13, N18, N019, N052, N055, N058, N059, N170, N171, N172, N178, N179157327417%42727%
(7) Uninfected ulcerL97189336219%40021%
(8) Infected ulcerL00, L03, L08131720816%22817%
(9) NeuropathyG560, G561, G562, G563, G564, G565, G566, G567, G568, G589, G990, G632, G733, M146, K318H186922812%20711%
(10) AmputationProcedure codes: KNHQ14, KNHQ17, KNFQ19, KNGQ19, KNHQ11144828620%38727%