Table 1: FAPRI-CARD model inputs and output.

Exogenous inputsPopulation, GDP, GDP deflator, exchange rate, population, policy variables
Historical data
Production, consumption, exports, imports, ending stocks, Domestic prices, world prices
 GrainsCorn, wheat, sorghum, barley
 Oilseedssoybeans, rapeseed, sunflower
 Livestock productsbeef, poultry, pork
 Dairymilk, cheese, butter
Major countries/regions
 North AmericaUnited States, Canada, Mexico
 South AmericaBrazil, Argentina, and so forth*
 AsiaChina, Japan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and so forth*
 AfricaSouth Africa, Egypt, and so forth*
 European Union
 New Zealand
 Middle East
Output by commodity
and country
World prices, domestic prices, production, consumption, net trade, stocks, area harvested, yield

In the interest of space, not all 58 countries/regions are listed.