Editors play a key role in our community. They maintain the quality of published research, enhance a journal’s impact, and contribute to the advancement of the broader scientific community. This section offers guidance and resources to assist our Editors in the fulfilment of their duties.

You will find information about the Editorial Boards and editorial process for each of our journals on our journal pages. Browse our journals »

Roles and Responsibilities

Each submission to a Hindawi journal is assigned to an Academic Editor, who assesses the scope and quality of the manuscript and manages the peer review process. Each journal has an independent Editorial Board made up of highly qualified academics from institutions around the globe. In addition to running the review process, Editors contribute to the growth and direction of our journals in a number of ways. Read more about the responsibilities of editors at Hindawi »

Handling Manuscripts

Hindawi’s Academic Editors are independent experts responsible for deciding whether or not a manuscript should be published in one of our journals. This guide explains the steps involved in the decision-making process. View our guide on handling manuscripts »

Managing Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest occur when outside issues affect, or are perceived to affect, the neutrality or objectivity of research. Avoiding the perception of bias can be a tricky part of an editor’s work. Read our advice on managing conflicts of interest »

Contact Us

Our editorial office is always available to offer support. If you have any questions about editorial duties at Hindawi, contact us at help@hindawi.com