Advances in Artificial Intelligence / 2013 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Predicting Asthma Outcome Using Partial Least Square Regression and Artificial Neural Networks

Table 4

Comparison between the MLP and PNN classifiers.

ClassifierFeature sizeHidden layerOutput layerTest success (%)
Transfer functionNeuronsFunctionNeuronsSensitivitySpecificityAccuracy

MLP48Tan-sigmoid (tansig)6Saturating linear (satlin)1100083.87
PNN48Radial basis function (RBF)
(spread = 100)
112Competitive (compet)92.36087.09
MLP9Tan-sigmoid (tansig)6Saturating linear (satlin)196.1510096.77
PNN9Radial basis function (RBF)
(spread = 25)
112Competitive (compet)1008096.77